AQIP Action Project Proposal Form

What is it?

An Action Project is an institutional quality improvement project that is larger scale and usually longer duration than a Q2 project. An Action Project may take place at a unit level, may be proposed by any university community member including students, and could potentially provide benefits to the entire university.

Why propose an Action Project?
  • To access the input of University peers
  • To complete a needed project
  • To exercise leadership in University service
  • To publicize your efforts and results; projects will be listed on the University’s AQIP website and with the HLC
Current or Past Southeast Action Projects:
Process for an Action Project:
  1. Submit the proposal to the AQIP Steering Committee chairperson.
  2. The AQIP Steering Committee will compile the proposals and direct them through the campus Action Project selection process.
  3. The AQIP Steering Committee chairperson will contact the proposer to verify readiness to begin the project.
  4. AQIP Action Projects will be submitted to HLC and updated annually.
  5. Each semester all Action Project teams will be invited to share their progress at an Action Project/ Q2 showcase with the AQIP Steering Committee and the other Action Project and Q2 teams.
  6. Upon completion of the project, a final project summary will be submitted to the HLC.

Dean, Director, or Vice President approval? (please check)
 Plan. Recognize an opportunity and plan a change.
 Do. Test the change. Carry out the project.
 Check. Review the test, analyze the results, identify what you’ve learned.
 Act. Take action based on what you learned in the check step.
Describe the proposed project:

Problem/opportunity/solution rationale statement that includes how the project follows the “PDCA”:Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle:

Project constraints and resources needed:

Who might benefit from the project?:

What measurements will be used to determine the goal’s achievement?:

Team membership (all members involved must have made a commitment to the project):

Which other individuals or units are involved, and have they agreed to participate?:

Expected completion date or expected duration of project: