SoTL - Scholarship of Teaching and Learning


This page is dedicated to Southeast Missouri State University's Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Program. Using the buttons above and throughout, you can learn about various aspects of the Program --the types of projects funded, how to apply, and how to access resources for beginning and concluding a successful SoTL Project. You can also learn about the history of the Program, the role of the CSTL, and our commitment to enhancing teaching and learning on campus and beyond our borders.

A Brief History of the SoTL Fellows Program

The SoTL Fellows Program was created by the Center for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning's Teaching Associates Committee in furtherance of a Provost's initiative to enhance the academic community's commitment to the Teacher-Scholar Model. The Teaching Associates secured a Funding For Results Grant designed to encourage, support, and reward innovations in teaching and learning in 2004, and issued its first call for proposals to engage in pedagogical innovation in 2005. Since then, nearly 100 faculty members have applied for SoTL Fellowships, and to date, 72 have been competitively awarded. Based upon the success of the Program, the CSTL applied for, and was awarded, a Core Continuing Grant in 2007, which will fund up to 10 Fellowships per year for the next five years. The CSTL issues a Call for Proposals every January, and the criteria used for evaluating proposals is included in the "CFP".  Please feel free to view this year's CFP by clicking here or on the Call for Proposals link, above.

At its core, the SoTL Fellows Program is designed to develop cohorts of teacher-scholars actively engaged in enhancing the quality of teaching and learning through the invention, adaptation, or application of teaching innovations in the classroom. The SoTL Fellows work closely with members of the SoTL Associates Committee, which sponsors workshops and informational sessions structured around the interests and needs of the Fellows. The Fellows are also encouraged to work closely with one another; to provide an informal support network for their own cohort, as well as future generations of SoTL Fellows. The idea is to not only support individual projects annually, but to develop a growing base of innovative instructors campus-wide. The goal is excellence in teaching and learning, and the SoTL Program is a unique, enriching, and rewarding means to that end.

For information regarding the SoTL Fellows Program, Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning affiliation, CASTL Leadership, or the CSTL, please contact Brian Smentkowski, CSTL Faculty Associate.