Teching Enhancement Workshop

Teaching Enhancement Workshop


Southeast Missouri State University has a long-standing commitment to excellent teaching. To help further this goal, in 1986 the University established a Teaching Enhancement Workshop for all newly hired faculty. The purposes of the workshop are: 1) to provide new faculty with an opportunity to meet and work with each other; 2) to facilitate orientation to the university and regional community; 3) to provide a setting where new faculty can explore and discuss those particular teaching/learning issues which are especially relevant to this campus and 4) to introduce the teacher-scholar model. The 2015 Teaching Enhancement Workshop will be held August 10 - 14, 2015, from approximately 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily. The format of the workshop is highly interactive, reflecting the underlying teaching philosophy of the institution. In a seminar setting, participants will examine techniques and issues associated with such topics as student-centered teaching, the design of effective learning experiences, and integration of information technology with learning. Comments from previous workshop participants indicate that they begin with some concern about the time and energy that will be required, but finish the workshop with a very positive view of the experience. Every year participants seem energized by the opportunity to share with their colleagues insights about teaching and learning. Former participants also tell us that the contacts made during the first week often develop into close, lasting friendships. Over the years, the Teaching Enhancement Workshop has proven to be a rich, rewarding experience. As a continuation of this workshop, new faculty will be notified about the university-wide teaching-learning workshops that will be held during the upcoming academic year. For further information, please call the Center for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning at (573) 651-2298.

Allen Gathman, Dean for Online Learning and Director, Center for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning Michelle Kilburn, Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology
Beverly Evans, CSTL Faculty Associate, TEW Coordinator, Full Professor, Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation Michael Taylor, Full Professor, Department of Biology
Amanda Hargrove, Administrative Assistant Office of the Dean for Online Learning and Director, Center for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning

Last Updated: November 11, 2016