Remote Proctor

Exam Sheet

Assessments take many forms, and pedagogically the assessments instructors choose must accommodate the learning objectives of the course, the experience and familiarity of the instructor, and the needs of the student population.  Particularly in online teaching, instructors may require one or two high-stakes exams, e.g. a mid-term and a final.  Since requiring online students to be physically present for an exam is problematic, a proctored online exam becomes the only viable option.  Instructors may employ any of the following choices for exam proctoring, but be aware: the Dean of Online Learning recommends instructors require only two proctored exams per course per semester, and the costs for those exams must be announced in the course notes and made explicit to students in the course syllabus. 

Should an instructor absolutely require a proctored exam, the CSTL recommends the following proctoring options.  Due to equipment and facility challenges, it is recommended that multiple options for proctoring be offered to online students.

Testing Services

Testing Services at Southeast Missouri State provides the lowest-cost and most reliable exam proctoring service of all available options.  Located on the first floor of Kent Library, Testing Services is open 8-5 Monday through Friday. Students can call and make an appointment (573-651-2836) anytime the office is open. They will need to identify themselves an online student, what class they are in, how much time they get for the test, and the instructor’s name when they make their appointment. Testing Services will verify class enrollment as a security measure.  When the student arrives, they are asked for a photo ID and to sign a statement saying they are the person supposed to be taking the test. The charge for each exam is $10, billed from student accounts.  This option may benefit students enrolled primarily in face-to-face courses but take an online class as a supplement. Testing Services requests that instructors inform them of upcoming exams at least one week ahead of the testing dates.  For further information, please visit or email any questions to

Remote Proctor

Provided by Software Secure, this fully-online test proctoring option costs students $13.50 per exam and is conducted entirely through the student's computer.  The service requires students to have a webcam.  The instructor creates an account through the Remote Proctor site and provides details for the exam (start and end dates, times, anticipated number of students, allowed items in the testing area).  When they take the exam, students log into the Remote Proctor site, pay the examination fee, show their ID and face to the webcam, pan their webcam around the room where they're taking the exam, and then log into Moodle through Remote Proctor's secure browser.  One new feature provided by Remote Proctor is if the student messes up registering for the exam or confirming their identity, the student will receive a notification that they're unverified and can reregister before they take the exam. Before the student could take the exam without confirmed identity and wouldn't find out until much later. The entire testing session is recorded by Remote Proctor and watched later by a trained proctor who alerts the instructor of suspicious behavior made by test takers.  Instructors then have access to the recording of any student's exam and can decide an appropriate course of action. 

Special considerations:

  • Please note that Remote Proctor operates on Eastern Standard Time.

  • Remote Proctor will not work on Chromebooks; adjust accordingly.

  • Google Chrome no longer supports Microsoft Silverlight. What this means is instructors will not be able to review the Remote Proctor recordings using Chrome. Since Microsoft is abandoning Internet Explorer, use Firefox or Safari for viewing exam recordings.

 Contact the CSTL for specifics on using Remote Proctor.

Outside Proctoring

If the instructor allows for it, trustworthy proctors known to the student may apply through Testing Services to oversee exams.  These proctors may be librarians or high school principals or even other instructors.  Testing services provides a formal application at here.  Charges will vary as some independent proctors charge little to nothing and others charge significantly higher, and the choice of independent proctor is subject to the instructor's approval.  This option is a common choice for students located several states away.

Instructor Proctoring

Any instructor may opt to privately proctor any student's exam.  This option is the most labor intensive, and may be conducted on-site or via webcam.  The ethical implications of charging for this level of proctoring is beyond the scope of this webpage.