Current Servers
Our Moodle LMS (Learning Management System) server on Remote-Learner's site. This is the primary server for all classes, once the OIS (Online Instructor Suite) LMS retires.
Southeast Online's server; this is both the help and front page for Southeast Online as well as the server that actually contains all Southeast Online classes that use OIS. The OIS part of this server is scheduled for retirement on January 1st, 2014.
This server is primarily orientated and dedicated to the classes at Southeast that exist in the blended environments. These are classes that blend either online elements or webinar elements with traditional class meetings, ITV (interactive TV) classes, or some other environment. The OIS part of this server is scheduled for retirement on January 1st, 2014.
These range from cstl-cla to cstl-pti; they are the individual college servers that contain both professor professional sites, and their face-to-face and lightly blended classes. These seven servers are scheduled for retirement on January 1st, 2014.
(These are cstl-cla, cstl-coe, cstl-hcb, cstl-hhs, cstl-pti, and ustudies servers)
Massively Open Online Class server. This server is dedicated to delivering MOOCs to the public at large; these classes can range from a few hundred students to several thousand. All MOOCs will be located on this server.
This server. It is primarily used for communication and specific server applications that interact with the LMSes we use here at Southeast.

Future Servers

Future multimedia sever: tentatively called
We are currently experimenting with a series of multimedia streaming/lecture capture servers, this will be in conjuction with the previously mentioned media servers. Currently testing/evaluating: Kaltura and Wowza.

Future faculty server.
This will be a FTP driven server that is the other replacement server for the cstl-### servers. This one will be editable by Frontpage/Sharepoint Designer, and will focus on faculty needs for project-specific sites.

Other Servers

Test servers.
Depending on the development of Moodle, we have a series of test servers that have different modules and versions installed. These servers are primarily for testing out modules; if you or your department would like to take a look at a plugin, we can install them to one of these servers for testing purposes.