Online Course Procedures

An online course at Southeast Missouri State University must be offered completely electronically and asynchronously. An online course must not require a student to come to any specific physical location at any time, nor can it require a student to log in to the course at a specific time for synchronous activities. All resources required for the course must be made available equally to students in any location.

Online courses should provide a reasonable window of time for completion of any assignment. It is recommended this window would be a minimum of 48 hours during which the activity may be completed, to allow flexibility for students with varying work schedules and time zones. There can be narrower time limits for specific assignments once they are started, such as exams, but the start times should be flexible as described above.

Printed resources may be mailed to students; Textbook Rental mails textbooks to online students as needed. The instructor should ensure that any other required materials are available to students regardless of location with a reasonable delivery time.

Online office hours may be provided using a resource such as Zoom, but provision should be made to accommodate students who are not available during scheduled office hour times. If group work is required, students may arrange synchronous or even face-to-face meetings among themselves, but provision should be made for students who have different schedules or whose location does not permit such meetings.

The Quality Matters rubric requires faculty to explicitly state the expected times for returning graded work and responding to communications. We recommend that faculty respond to email or forum questions from students within 48 hours except during holidays. Times for returning graded work vary depending on types of assignments, but we encourage faculty to provide grades and feedback frequently throughout the term.