Keep Teaching FAQs

This is Impossible-There is no way to replicate an in-person class experience online. There are technical limitations, not all students have consistent internet access.

For situations where instruction must occur at the same time:

Zoom- IT’s guide on how to use Zoom in your course (including signing up, requesting a pro account, and scheduling a class):

YouTube tutorial video:

Skype for Business-Southeast IT’s training guide: Link HERE . Log into In the upper right click Install Office and choose Other Install Options. In the Office Apps & Devices box select View Apps & Devices. Select Install Skype.

If you're using either of these tools,please schedule any meeting times at the same time the course would meet. Students are most likely to be available at those times.

PowerPoint-Notes can be added to any PowerPoint presentation. Once those notes are added, students can read them. To add notes: Link HERE

Google Slides-Notes can be added to any Google Slides presentation. Once those notes are added, students can read them. To add notes: Link HERE

Microsoft Sway-Sway can organize lecture materials in a highly visual way. For instructions and examples: Link HERE

Educreations-Educreations is an interactive whiteboard and screen casting tool. You can record and replay your voice, handwriting, and drawings. draw on top of everything with the drawing tool.

Nearpod-Nearpod is a student engagement platform with ready-to-run interactive lessons. You can create interactive lessons, live polls and quizzes. Nearpod will offer a 3 month subscription to Nearpod Gold for $36. You have to call 1-855-NEARPOD (632-7763) to sign up for that.

OneDrive-Documents and materials can be shared via OneDrive so that they can only be viewed and not downloaded. For directions: Link HERE

Loom-These accounts are free to anyone with a .edu email address. Website to sign up:

YouTube video tutorial:

Microsoft PowerPoint-Instructions on adding voice-overs to PowerPoint slides: Link HERE

Youtube-This is a video-sharing platform. It’s good to use because it’s easy to control who can see the video and you own the content. For instructions:

Microsoft Stream-You can access Stream with your university Office 365 account ( IT has step by step instructions and a video guide here: Link HERE

Explain Everything-Explain Everything is offering extended free access to Explain Everything Whiteboard. This virtual tool can be utilized for online scenarios by helping you create explanation videos. Within the platform you get infinite space to create, annotation tools to mark everything you have put on your canvas (including videos and PowerPoints), and all-in-one recording & editing features. Sign up:

YouTube tutorial:

Educreations-Interactive whiteboard for a tablet. For further explanation and access, visit here:

Info Coming

Skype for Business-Video and chat function for one-on-one interactions. All Southeast faculty and students have a full license available through Office 365. Here are instructions on how to set up and use this tool: Link HERE. In the upper right click Install Office and choose Other Install Options. In the Office Apps & Devices box select View Apps & Devices. Select Install Skype.

FaceTime-Device-to-device conversation, basically a video phone call. Requires phone numbers and iOS devices (iPad or iPhone). For instructions on how to set up and use: Link HERE

Google Duo-Device-to-device conversation, just like FaceTime, except it works with Android devices. Requires a Gmail account. For instructions: Link HERE

Zoom-This is a video conferencing software. Works well for groups, and can work for one-on-one communications. Only you need an active Zoom license. For more information: Link HERE

Moodle Quiz-view the guidesheet to set up a Moodle quiz (Link HERE)

Adobe Spark-A free app that allows students to narrate a presentation and submit it in video form. Available in any app store or at

PowerPoint-Students can create a PowerPoint and submit the file via email or Moodle. Students can possibly provide voice over depending on ability and internet access. For directions on narrating PowerPoints, visit this site:

Google Slides-Students can create a Google Slide deck and submit the file via email or Moodle. For access: Will require a Gmail account.

OneDrive-Students can create a presentation and upload it to OneDrive. sharing the presentation link with your SEMO email. OneDrive guides and tutorial videos:

Please provide video content through a streaming service. If whole video files are posted to Moodle or given to students, they must download those files to their device in order to view them. For those with poor internet connectivity or limited storage, they can’t access the video.

Kent Library has a few streaming repositories available to students and faculty:

Films on Demand-


Feature Films for Education-

YouTubeWorks well for controlling access to self-made video (lecture video, narrated PowerPoints, etc.) Sometimes has videos available, however they can appear and disappear at the whims of the initial poster. Sometimes copywritten material is posted illegally.

StreamThis is available to all Southeast faculty and staff. Will stream videos, although they will be available to all Southeast faculty and staff. Restricting access can be difficult.

You cannot post copy protected media I.e. a full Law and Order episode. But, many of these can be found already on YouTube

JoVE-JoVE has made its educational video content available through Jun. 15, 2020. That includes free access to the three types of resources: JoVE Core, a video textbook that covers core concepts in biology and social psychology to improve learning comprehension; JoVE Science Education, a collection of easy-to-understand video demonstrations in eight STEM fields; and Lab Manual, curriculum for introductory biology lab courses. The company is also making its curriculum specialists available to help faculty map JoVE videos to their curriculum at no charge.

This is difficult-Currently Southeast has one online proctoring service available: Remote Proctor ( Link HERE) which requires a web camera. Currently webcams have been sold out at most retailers and are going quickly.

Southeast does not have a lockdown browser or plagiarism detection service available.

The best bet is smart assessment design. For tips, consult this resource: Link HERE and Also HERE

Questions can be recreated one at a time in Moodle. If the questions are multiple choice, true/false, or essay, they can be uploaded into Moodle using Moodle Quiz Studio (Link HERE).

This will create a file in a format Moodle can understand. This file can then be imported into the Question Bank and a Quiz can be created using them (

Upload the file to Moodle-Link HERE

OneDrive-Upload the file to OneDrive and share the link:Link HERE

Youtube-Video files can be uploaded to YouTube and shared with others using a link:Link HERE

8-Week Remote Learning Framework in Moodle

To save faculty time and energy, the university has created an online course template specifically to facilitate a remote learning environment over the next 8 weeks of the spring semester. In as little as 3-5 minutes, faculty can import a framework for the next 8 weeks! Whether you intend to teach fully online or will work primarily outside the LMS, consider utilizing this template to facilitate a place for some of the most basic functions of a learning environment including assignment collection, class forum discussions and gradebook.

To access the course template contact or We will either copy a template into your course, or make you a non-editing professor in the course so you can do the import yourself with guidance.

Follow the video on how to import from the Online Course Template into your course:

Here is a template:

Class Preferred Communication Contact Info Response Timing Virtual Office Hours Additional 1-on-1 Communication Formats
AB101 Email and Skype for Business or 573-555-5555 2 days MWF: 9:00AM - 11:00AM, T: 1:00PM - 5:00PM Skype, Facetime, Google Duo, Phone (If you want to share your personal contact info), Zoom link for office hours.