Moodle Quick Fixes

We keep a repository of guidesheets for this! Just go to and click on Moodle Help.

If you want to make a course visible, you can go here to review the guide sheet or video!

To import material from an old course into a new course, go here to review the guide sheet or video!

Some of your settings for the quiz may not be right, go here to look at the guide sheet about all the review options and see if you have the right ones check to show them their test scores!

Chances are, you have an overwritten grade item in the gradebook and you can go to this guide sheet to see how to get rid of an overwritten grade item!

Calculating non-empty grades is a setting in the grade book that needs to be checked to allow for proper calculations in the grade book. If you go here you can look at the guide sheet that fully explains everything about this setting!

If the students can't see their course total, there might not be some options set in the gradebook, and you can go to this guide sheet and look at the options that need to be set so students can see their course total.

To help you report grades you can go to this guide sheet and it will give you step by step instructions!

If you turned in the wrong grade, there is now an electronic grade change form! Each administrative assistant has a copy of it and can email it to you, or you can email for a copy of it.

You may have chosen a wrong setting when you restored your course. Instead of clicking the merge option, you choose the delete one. This caused your students to be deleted from your course. We recommend using the import process when setting up your course to keep this from happening. To return your students to your course you will need to contact support at CSTL by phone at (573) 651-2298, or by email