LDI Cohorts

The Learning Design Institute Cohorts prepare Southeast faculty for the Quality Matters review process as well as provide support and instruction for teaching in the online environment.

These cohorts address a need in online higher education. According to the truism, faculty teach the way they’ve been taught. At least for the most part. What often happens is faculty who’ve never taken an online course in their career find themselves teaching an online section and have no experiential background to draw from when designing that instruction.

In the LDI meetings, faculty discuss the larger aspects of teaching online, and in the process discover what they can add to their courses to meet the QM Rubric. Discussions can range from recommendations of useful software and apps to anecdotal alternatives and working examples. Questions concerning application and interpretation of the QM Rubric are encouraged, as the meetings are geared toward collaboration and discussion. The instructional designers from the CSTL provide models for meeting essential standards, discuss best practices, and sponsor discussions on how course design can best facilitate classroom and discipline pedagogy.

LDI Cohorts meet five times.

  • Meeting 1: Introduction to the QM review process at Southeast.
  • Meeting 2: Instructor presence and learning objectives.
  • Meeting 3: Assessments and online activities.
  • Meeting 4: Forums and online discussion.
  • Meeting 5: Alignment and examples of courses that meet standards.

Faculty that attend all five sessions and successfully get their course through the review process will receive $250.

LDI Cohorts are offered twice per semester, beginning within a month after the start of classes. Department-specific LDI Cohorts may be requested, so if a faculty member finds three or four other faculty in their department need LDI training, a closed cohort can be formed.